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A final decision has been made to run the sale on Saturday the 5th of March. Any current at the time COVID restriction to be followed. Hope to see you all there.


What is it?

The Orange Bird Sale is an annual bird sale held in Orange, NSW, Australia.

All parrots, finches and softbills are welcome for sale (no pigeons or poultry).

The sale is run under the "NSW Bird Sale code of Practice", more information about the code can be found here


When is it?

The next bird sale (assuming Covid or other major events) will be held on Saturday 5th March 2022. The sale starts at 10:00am and finishes at 2:00pm.


Where is it?

The bird sale is held at Sir Neville Howse Stadium (Orange PCYC), 2-10 Seymour Street, Orange. The PCYC is a 4 basketball court stadium with lots of room!

There are interactive maps on this website (see maps on the left).

"Bird Sale" signs will be put up on all major roads to help you find the stadium.